Successful Project: Customized DC Gear Motors for Transportation Bus

Our old customer, who has been importing gear motors from us since 2014, approached us with a new project that required DC gear motors with specific performance parameters. The motors would be used in a transportation bus and needed to perform two jobs: translation and rotation. We had a video meeting with the customer to gather more information and came up with a solution that met their requirements.

The customer’s requirements were:

Nominal voltage: 12V
On load speed: 200 RPM
Load torque:
After analyzing the requirements and working scenarios, we identified two areas that required special attention:

The axial load in the first application could damage the gearbox’s bearing and circlip. To address this, we used one-body ball bearings to strengthen the gearbox.The motors had to operate in extremely low temperatures of -30°, which could affect the output performance. We used special materials that could accommodate such low temperatures.

We quickly had a meeting with our senior engineers to come up with a solution based on the given information. We then made samples for the customer’s prototype and conducted function tests. Upon receiving the test data, we advised the customer to continue the tests, including a field test and lifecycle test.

Samples passed all tests, including the overload test where the loading torque in practice was Despite being overloaded, the motors still performed near the maximum efficiency point of this gearbox motor. Our customer was satisfied with the results and we were proud to have delivered a customized solution that met their needs.

We can see that even the motors seems much overloaded, the loading point is still quite close to max efficiency point.
Hotec Motor

Hotec Motor

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