Direction Drop-In Replacement for Fortnate Global 500

In 2016, a customer approached us with a problem. They needed a DC gear motor solution that could extend the lifetime of their battery, which powered automatic hygiene products. However, their current motors drew too much current (800mA-1600mA) and caused their products to run out of battery before finishing 50 rolls of paper towel.

To solve this issue, we focused on increasing the efficiency of our motors. We used imported raw materials, improved the precision of components like gears and shafts, and optimized our production process. These changes resulted in motors with less noise, lower current draw(470mA-600mA), and a longer lifecycle.

The customer quickly approved our samples, and we moved on to trial production. Unfortunately, the customer experienced an emergency when their incumbent motors burned out after just 6 hours of use. To help them recover their production, we prioritized their orders and sped up our production.

Our customer was thrilled with our gear motors and our service and support. We have a talented engineer team and quality control staff, and we’re ready to tackle any DC gear motor issue you may have. Contact us anytime to learn more.

Hotec Motor

Hotec Motor

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