FDA Approved Biomedical Device

We were introduced to a new customer by one of our long-time partners who has been working with us for years. This customer was developing biomedical devices and reached out to us for gear motors. However, the specifications they provided were quite vague, which made it challenging for us to provide a suitable solution.

To avoid wasting the customer’s time and money, we asked them a series of questions to better understand their project. We discovered that their motors would be running for 10 seconds at a time, 10 times a day, and would only need to output in one direction. Additionally, they had a current limit and alarm system in place to shut down the motors in case of a stall.

Although the customer had already conducted experiments using screwdriver motors and had ordered samples from other suppliers, they had no idea about the motors’ specifications. Therefore, they sent their tested motors to us for reference. After testing the motors in our lab, we were able to determine the precise speed and torque required for their application.

Based on their test data, we recommended HT-SOG12C motors with an encoder and customized performance. The samples were carefully made, considering all the details, including a low-temperature work environment of -20°C. After field tests, the samples were approved, and their new product was showcased at an exhibition.

However, after receiving feedback that their biomedical device was too slow, the customer came to us for a new solution. We advised them to increase the voltage gradually until they achieved the desired speed. It was a kind of destructive test as the motors could burn out if the voltage was too high. Our engineers used their test data to work out the new speed and improved the motors accordingly.

In conclusion, despite the customer’s vague specifications, we were able to provide a customized solution that met their specific needs. Our expertise and professional approach helped us deliver the right product to the customer, and we continue to work closely with them to ensure their success.

Hotec Motor

Hotec Motor

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