DC gear motor solution for butterfly damper

HT-COG95C Flat gear motor with mounting plates

One of our overseas customers was designing and developing a butterfly damper that required DC gear motors to drive the butterfly. The customer provided us with the necessary voltage and speed but not the torque. Instead, they stipulated the current draw. Please refer to the inquiry record:

The DC gear motors would rotate the butterfly up and down to block or adjust daylight from the tube. The motors only run for about 30 seconds per duty cycle, and there are two duty cycles per day on average. The gear motors would not stall in this product if torque is enough. Our DC gear motors were the ideal option for their application. Below is the butteryfly damper:

Butterfly damper

However, the challenge was the torque. Torque is one of the three vital specifications to finalize a DC gear motor’s performance. If torque is too high or too low, the DC gear motors can’t run as customers expect, even get damaged.

After evaluating this project with our experienced engineers, we found the abnormality. When designing aproduct, we should first get the DC motors’ speed and torque requested in the application by calculation according to the product’s design, then we can decide the power supply and work out the current based on the speed and torque (The formula: Output power = Speed x Torque / 97500, input torque= voltage x current, the efficiency = output power / input power). There is no reason why torque is not available while current is.

After deep communication with customers, they decided to try 100kg.cm rated torque with a preference that current drawing is better within 1.5A because of their circuit board setting, while our engineers team advised that 60kg.cm rated torque was enough per customer’s load and sketch; otherwise, the current target is infeasible to achieve. The customers finally took our advice relying on our professionalism.

Finally, we recommended the HT-COG95C flat gearbox motor with a gear ratio of 1059:1 to reduce current draw. The DC motors mated with it were customized with 12V 3000RPM to further reduce current draw.

After field testing the samples for a few months in their prototype, the samples were approved. When mass production, we customized and attached adapting mounting plates to the gearbox as an added-value service.

HT-COG95C Flat gearbox motor with adapting plates

We are proud of our experience in providing DC gear motor solutions for various applications. Contact us for your specific requirements.

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