Top 10 DC Gear Motor Manufacturers: Motion Drive and Control

When it comes to motion drive control solution, DC gear motors are an indispensable component. Whether it’s consumable electronics,household applaince, IoT, medical devices, or industrial automation, choosing the right manufacturer for DC gear motors is crucial. In this article, we present the top 10 DC gear motor manufacturers based on our survey andindustry expertise. These manufacturers have proven their excellence in delivering reliable and high-quality products. Let’s dive in and explore the leaders in the field.

No.Company Headquarter
3Hotec MotorShenzhen, China
4Allied Motion USA
5Maxon MotorSwitzerland
6Bühler MotorGermany
7Nidec CorporationJapan
8ISL International ProductsUSA
9 Sha Yang Ye IndustrialTaiwan, China
  1. Faulhaber:

Faulhaber is synonymous with high-performance DC gear motors. With a long history of engineering excellence, they offer a diverse range of motors known for their compact size, exceptional torque, and precision. Faulhaber has become a trusted name in industries like medical technology,aerospace, and robotics.

Main products: DC-motors, Brushless DC-motors, Stepper motors, Linear Motors, Planetary gearheads and Spur gearheads


Location: Germany


2. Portescap:

Portescap has earned its reputation as a premier manufacturer of miniature DC gear motors. Their motors are designed to deliver high torque in small form factors, making them ideal for applications that require compactness without compromising power. Portescap’s motors are widely used in medical devices, industrial automation, and automotive systems.

Main products: Brushless DC motors, Brushed DC motors, Can Stack Motors, Gearheads, Linear Stepper Motors.

Application Market: Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Power Tools, Medical.

Location: Switzerland


Portescap was acquired by Altra Motion. HOTEC MOTOR has been Altra Motion’s supplier for 3 years.


HOTEC MOTOR specializes in DC gear motors and has gained recognition for its high-quality and reliable products. The company offers a wide range of customizable options to suit specific application requirements. With their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, HOTEC MOTOR has established itself as a go-to manufacturer in the industry.

Main product: Micro planetary gear motors, Micro Spur gear motor, Micro worm gear motors.

Application market: consumable electronics, home automation, Actuators, Valves,IoT, Locks, Robotics.

Location: Shenzhen, China.

4. Allied Motion Technologies Inc

Allied Motion Technologies Inc. is a trusted manufacturer of DC gear motors known for their precision and reliability. Their motors are designed for critical applications that require smooth operation and high torque. With a focus on engineering expertise and innovation, Allied Motion Technologies Inc. serves industries such as robotics, aerospace, and defense.

Main products: Brushed motors, Coreless DC motors, Parallel shaft gear motors, Right-angle shaft gear motors.

Location: USA


5. Maxon

Maxon is a global leader in precision DC gear motors. Their motors are known for their exceptional quality, high power density, and long service life. Maxon’s commitment to innovation and advanced technology has made them a preferred choice in industries like aerospace, defense, and medical technology.

Main products: Brushed and Brushless DC motors, AC motors.

Application market: Mobility solutions, Industrial automation, Medical&Aerospace.

Location: Switzerland


HOTEC MOTOR has partner with Maxon since 2018.

6. Bühler Motor

Bühler Motor is a trusted name in the field of DC gear motors, particularly for automotive applications. Their motors are known for their high performance, efficiency, and reliability. Bühler Motor’s focus on advanced engineering and continuous improvement has positioned them as a key player in the automotive industry.

Application industries: Automotive, Aviation, Healthcare.

Location: Germany


7. Nidec Corporation

Nidec Corporation is a global leader in electric motortechnologies, and their DC gear motors are no exception. With a vast range of products and a strong commitment to sustainability, Nidec Corporation caters to various industries, including automotive, industrial automation, and consumer electronics

Location: Japan


8. ISL International Products

ISL International Products specializes in the production of high-quality DC gear motors for demanding applications. They offer customization options to meet specific customer requirements, making them a preferred choice in industries like aerospace, medical technology, and industrial automation.

Location: USA


HOTEC MOTOR has been partnering with ISL International products since 2016

9. Sha Yang Ye Industrial

Sha Yang Ye Industrial is a prominent manufacturer of DC gear motors, offering a comprehensive range of products that meet diverse application needs. With their expertise in motor design and customization, they have gained recognition in industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, and home appliances.

Location: Taiwan, China

10. Dunkermotoren

Dunkermotoren is renowned for its robust and durable DC gear motors. Their motors are engineered to withstand harsh environments while delivering precise and efficient performance. With a focus on customization and versatility, Dunkermotoren serves industries like logistics, robotics, and industrial automation.

Location: Germany

Hotec Motor

Hotec Motor

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