Customizing Micro DC Gear Motors for an Automatic Distributor

In the world of precision engineering, every project presents unique challenges and demands. At HOTEC MOTOR, we thrive on these challenges, and our latest collaboration with a European customer showcases how our expertise in micro DC gear motors can turn innovative ideas into reality. Join us as we dive into the journey of crafting the perfect gear motor solution for an automatic distributor.

The Initial Requirement: Crafting Performance and Size

Our European customer was in the midst of developing an automatic distributor product, a project already at the prototype stage. They sought a 12V DC gear motor solution that could meet their demanding specifications:

Performance Requirements:

Nominal Voltage: 12V
Rated Speed: 56 RPM
Continuous Torque: 1.4

Size Specifications:

Diameter: Not exceeding 27mm
Gear Motor Length: Should not exceed 55mm, excluding output shafts and terminals

Application Scenario:
In the automatic distributor, each machine would incorporate 100 of our gear motors. These motors would operate for 5-15 seconds at a time, with a maximum of 10 cycles per day. The output direction is single, either clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW). Importantly, to prevent any issues in case of stall, the customer had implemented current limiting in their PCB circuit.

Introducing the HT-SOG25A: A Perfect Fit

After a meticulous evaluation by our engineers, the HT-SOG25A, a 25mm diameter spur gear motor, emerged as the ideal choice to meet the customer’s application requirements. The customer received samples for initial testing, and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. However, there was a slight twist in the tale.

Optimizing for Space: The Quest for a Shorter Gearbox Motor

Due to the unique setup of the automatic distributor, with a steel wall positioned behind the motor’s terminals, the customer expressed a preference for shorter gearbox motors, with an ideal length between 45-50mm. To accommodate this, they were willing to compromise on the gearbox motor’s diameter, extending it to a range of 33mm to 37mm.

To recommend new gear motors that adhered to the updated size restrictions, we needed to re-evaluate whether the initial torque requirement was accurate based on the first sample tests. The customer promptly provided their test data, indicating a loaded current draw of 0.15A, which is right close to the rated torque and proved that the torque demanded in their distributor products are indeed

Three Innovative Solutions: Meeting Precise Specifications

Based on our re-evaluation and the customer’s feedback, we proposed three innovative solutions:

Solution 1: HT-SOG27A

27mm diameter spur gearbox with a metal brushed 370 motor. Its body is too long. Please refer to the following drawing:

Dimension drawing for HT-SOG27A dimension drawing

After re-design, gearbox length reduced to 18.4mm from 25mm, resulting in a total length of 49.2mm. Please refer to the updated drawing as below:

Solution 2: HT-SOG32B

32mm diameter spur gearbox with a carbon brushed 520 DC motor. Its original body length is 49.2mm , please refer to its original dimension as below:

After re-design, the gearbox was shortened by 5mm, achieving a total body length of 44.2mm. Please refer to updated drawing after gearbox cut:

Solution 3: HT-SOG37G

37mm diameter spur gearbox with a carbon brushed 520 DC motor.

All three gear motors demonstrated performance similar to the first HT-SOG25A samples. However, since the customer required center shaft gear motors, they excluded HT-SOG37G, the 37mm gear motor with side shaft, and opted for the other two solutions after careful review.

The Final Choice: HT-SOG32B for Longevity

New samples were crafted for the customer’s testing, and after meticulous evaluation, they made their selection. The HT-SOG32B emerged as the preferred choice, primarily for its extended lifespan, meeting both the customer’s performance and space requirements.

Conclusion: Precision in Motion

This collaborative journey with our European customer exemplifies our commitment to precision engineering and customer satisfaction. At HOTEC MOTOR, we don’t just deliver gear motors; we deliver tailored solutions that empower innovation. For all your micro DC gear motor needs, trust us to turn your ideas into precision in motion.

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