A Success Story with Planetary Gear Motors: The Maxon Case

In 2018, Maxon approached us seeking a replacement for their trusted Sha Yang Ye IG32 planetary gear motors. Having utilized Sha Yang Ye motors in their actuators for years without any quality issues, Maxon was in search of a cost-effective alternative. Their decision to switch suppliers stemmed from a desire to reduce costs and bring assembly in-house.

The specifications provided for the Sha Yang Ye motors were as follows:

Nominal voltage: 12V
On-load speed: 19RPM
Rated torque: 18kg.cm
Gear ratio: 264:1
Output shafts: Customized keyway shafts

Maxon outlined the work scenario for their actuators, detailing duty cycles, output directions, and stall current limitations. Our engineers conducted a thorough evaluation based on these specifications and concluded that our HT-POG32 series gear motors were a perfect fit. To ensure durability, our gear motors would be equipped with one-body shafts, a one-body gear carrier, ball bearings, and all-metal gears.

Upon presenting our evaluation results and providing a ballpark budgetary price, Maxon was impressed with our professionalism and promptly requested samples for testing. Recognizing the importance of precision in their application, especially given the non-resettable 5A current limitation on their PCB, we requested IG32 samples for reference.

Upon receiving and testing the IG32 samples, we found the components to be consistent with our proposed design. However, there were notable differences in performance parameters. The corrected specifications were as follows:

Nominal voltage: 12V
On-load speed: 25RPM
Rated torque: 25kg.cm
Gear ratio: 369:1

Adhering to the corrected specifications, we produced samples that successfully passed Maxon’s rigorous field tests, including performance and life-cycle tests. Since the initiation of mass production in 2019, our partnership with Maxon has flourished, characterized by exceptional quality and reliability.

32mm diameter Planetary Gear Motors.

It’s worth noting that some customers may not have access to professional testing tools, leading to imprecise or inaccurate data. To ensure the best outcomes, we encourage customers to send us their samples for reference and testing.

At HOTEC MOTOR, we are committed to delivering solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. With our precision-engineered planetary gear motors, you can trust us to drive your projects towards success.

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