Top 5 Micro Planetary and Spur Gearhead Motor Manufacturers Globally

In the ever-evolving landscape of precision drive systems, a handful of manufacturers stand out as pioneers, shaping the future of industries ranging from robotics to medical devices. Here’s a closer look at the top 5 global leaders in micro planetary and spur gearhead motors:

1. Maxon – Precision Redefined

Established in 1961 in Sachseln, Switzerland, Maxon has etched its name as a true industry titan. Renowned for high-precision drive systems, Maxon’s products cater to diverse sectors including robotics, aerospace, and prosthetics. Their product range spans brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, encoders, controllers, and sensors, all meticulously designed for unparalleled performance, quality, and reliability.

Maxon Website

2. CITIZEN MICRO CO.,LTD – Powering Precision

Citizen Micro Co., Ltd. has emerged as a powerhouse in micro motors, gearheads, and encoders. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its offerings, making significant strides in the global market. With a focus on micro components, CITIZEN MICRO CO.,LTD plays a pivotal role in various industries, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Citizen Micro Co., Ltd. Website

3. MICRO MOTORS SRL – Italian Ingenuity in Motion

Based in Verderio, Italy, MICRO MOTORS SRL has been a beacon of innovation since its inception in 1966. Formerly known as CEL-MA, the company rebranded in 1973 and has since been a key player in miniature DC gearmotors. Their diverse product line, including small gear and brushless DC motors, finds applications in vending machines, medical equipment, and automated systems.

4. Orbray Co., Ltd. – Precision Across Industries

Founded in Japan in 1939, Orbray Co., Ltd. has established itself as a multifaceted manufacturer serving industries such as automotive, medical, fashion, and robotics. With a product portfolio encompassing small motors, fiber optics components, and precision jewelry tools, Orbray’s innovations are integral to applications like small robots, diaphragm pumps, and semiconductors.

Orbray Co., Ltd Website:

5. Shenzhen Hotec Co.,LTD – Innovation from China’s Tech Hub

36mm brushless planetary gear motor

Based in the bustling tech hub of Shenzhen City, China, Shenzhen Hotec Co.,LTD is an ISO 9001&14001 certified manufacturer at the forefront of high-torque, low RPM DC motors, and DC gear motors. Boasting two cutting-edge factories, the company’s micro DC gearbox motors cover operational voltage ranges from 1V to 30V. Their diverse product line includes compact planetary gearbox motors, low-noise worm gear motors, and cost-effective spur gear motors.

With over 150 skilled professionals, including 12 engineers and technicians, and a commitment to the highest standards of product excellence, Shenzhen Hotec Co.,LTD is a rising force in the global micro gearhead motor market.


In the intricate world of micro planetary and spur gearhead motors, these top 5 manufacturers pave the way for innovation, precision, and reliability, shaping the future of industries worldwide.

Hotec Motor

Hotec Motor

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