Top 10 Brushless DC Motor Manufacturers in the USA in 2024

Brushless DC motors have become integral components in various industries, offering compact, high-power, efficient, and long-life solutions. Here are the top 10 Brushless DC motor manufacturers in the USA for 2024:

1. Sensata Technologies, Inc.

Brushless DC Motors: Frameless brushless DC motor, customized rotor/stator part sets.

Overview: Sensata Technologies, founded in 1916, is a leading developer and manufacturer of sensors, electrical protection components, and more. Their brushless DC motors find applications in automotive, industrial, energy, and telecom industries.


Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts

2. NMB Technologies Corporation

Brushless DC Motors: BLDC wheel hub motor, BLDC drone motor.

Overview: NMB Technologies Corporation, a MinebeaMitsumi Group company, was founded in 1951. They specialize in electromechanical and semiconductor components, providing solutions to automotive, robotics, medical, and industrial markets.


Location: Novi, Michigan

3. Geeplus Inc.

Brushless DC Motors: Brushless stepper motors.

Overview: Established in 2004, Geeplus is a global designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic and electromechanical actuators. Their product catalog includes voice coil motors, solenoids, and custom actuator solutions.


Location: South Carolina

4. Aerotech, Inc.

Brushless DC Motors: S Series Brushless, Frameless BLDC Motors.

Overview: Founded in 1970, Aerotech specializes in motion and positioning solutions for various industries such as data storage, medical devices, and aerospace. They offer controllers, drives, motors, and custom-engineered motion systems.


Location: Pennsylvania

5. Terra Universal, Inc.

Brushless Torque Motors.

Overview: Terra Universal, established in 1976, is a manufacturer of critical environment applications for cleanroom- and laboratory-based industries. They provide modular cleanrooms, desiccator cabinets, and other specialized products.


Location: California

6. ElectroCraft, Inc.

Brushless DC Motors: 16mm to 40mm brushless planetary gear motor, brushless stepper motor.

Overview: ElectroCraft, founded in 1960, is a supplier of fractional-horsepower motor and motion products. They offer a range of motors, including DC motors, gear motors, and brush motors.


Location: New Hampshire

7. Lin Eng. Inc.

Brushless Motors: Servo BLDC motor, frameless DC motor, slotless BLDC motor.

Overview: Lin Eng. Inc., established in 1987, specializes in motion control solutions. They offer a variety of stepper motors, BLDC motors, and motion control components.


Location: California

8. Allied Motion, Inc.

Brushless DC Motors: 13W-3750W brushless DC motors.

Overview: Allied Motion Technologies, established in 1962, is a designer and manufacturer of precision motion control components and systems. Their products serve various industries, including industrial, vehicle, electronics, and aerospace.


Location: New York

9. Moog Inc.

Brushless Motors: Powers below 900W, brushless torque motor, wound brushless DC motor.

Overview: Moog Inc., incorporated in 1951, designs and manufactures precision motion and fluid controls for industries such as aerospace, defense, and industrial machinery.


Location: New York

10. Orbex Group

Product: Flat brushless motors

Overview: Orbex Group, founded in 2007, is a manufacturer and supplier of electric motors and slip rings. They provide a range of electric motors and emphasize quality customer service.


Location: Texas

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